2 Workin Oz is a unique employment agency offering training solutions and recruitment services in farming, agriculture and rural places of work.
Located in York, Western Australia, we run our Induction to Farm Skills & Training Program throughout the year and supply staff to many rural businesses across Australia.

Are you travelling and wish to apply for a second year Working Holiday visa in Australia, but need regional work for 88 days? If this is you, look no further! 2 Workin Oz can build your skills with our Training Course and also find a placement that can work with your travel plans.
For the experienced farm worker, we assess your skills and find the job that best suits you. Whether you're studying agriculture abroad or in Australia, we work with you to give you the rural experience of a lifetime!

Are you a farm owner spending hours or even days trialling and searching for staff?
2 Workin Oz can assist you every step of the way! We personally assess each potential employee that comes through our farm to match the skill set that will work best on your farm.


Looking for Farm Work?

2 Workin Oz seek job opportunities for all levels of experience in Agriculture by working with you to identify your strengths, knowledge and existing skills, then personally promoting you to our large network of employers!

We offer a four-day training course for inexperienced workers to better prepare you for the industry and seek jobs that also comply with the second year Working Holiday visa to accumulate your 88 days of regional work.

For the experienced worker, we carry out interviews and provide placements based on your skills. There is also the opportunity to improve on skills you may not be currently using in farming.

We specialise in building networks across Australia and here at 2 Workin Oz we will provide you with an Induction to Farming and Skills Assessment allowing you to:

  • Earn whilst travelling
  • Work in a farming/rural environment
  • Broaden your network and opportunities
  • Gain experience in a new working environment

Simply complete our employee enquiry form and we will respond to you with our training course pricing as well as information on how we can further assist you.

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Searching for Staffing Solutions?

Our vision is for employers to spend less time searching for seasonal staff and more time working with the right employees to develop productivity for their business. We aim to reduce the inter-seasonal turnover of staff and provide you with an efficient, personalised staffing solution.

All of our candidates are invited to our York based farm for a four day training program on Australian Farming Practices. Our trainers are lifetime farmers who are highly experienced in all areas of farming and deliver training to the highest levels.

During this time, we assess all of our trainees existing knowledge and skills whilst helping them to develop and practice new skills. While we work with experienced candidates in farming, quite a number of our trainees consist of backpackers and travellers who aim to complete their rural work for a second year Working Holiday visa.

Based on your requirements, we will suggest a range of potential candidates for you. It is very important to us that we work closely with you to match a candidate, review work history/references and ensure the placement is successful.

Complete our employer enquiry form and we will respond to you with our fee scheduling and further information on how we can assist you.

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  • I had the priviledge of being one of Ley’s first trainees and owe my successful time farming and in regional work to the confidence I gained during my time with her.
    Farming (and working on farms) is far more complicated than those of us from the concrete jungle often give it credit for. Ley was fantastic in opening my eyes to that early on, patiently guiding us through many excellent training exercises, and it stood me in great stead going forwards.
    … And the mad lady even let me play in her tractor! 🙂

    Keep it up Ley, you’re an inspiration

    Richard Ames
  • Great course and great contacts too, myself and my girlfriend went from a friends recommendation and best decision we ever made after a bad experience off gumtree, I had experience within agriculture and my gfriend didnt and it was great for us both, I would recommend to anyone who has a genuine interest in taking in the farm life of Australia.

    Benny Keatley
  • Been a pleasure doing the course money well spent honestly. And the founder off this always keeps in touch she is a hero to backpackers. Done the seeding and a harvest its all about the right attitude guys

    Barry Cole
  • Had a really fun time going out to Ley’s farm about 2 years ago. Got some really good instruction on the basics of working around a farm, farm safety, and other useful things that really helped me both land a job on a farm and then keep me safe and help make me useful while working there.
    Ley was also the one who got me that job, a BIG thanks for that! If you’re considering looking for work out in WA but unsure of how to do it and if you’ve got what it takes 2 Workin Oz with Ley is definitely the easiest and probably safest way to start and get your feet wet.

    Noah White
  • Just got back from Ley’s farm and had the best time on the 2 Workin Oz course!! Not only was the course a real eye opener to how the farm industry works, it was so much fun and thoroughly enjoyable! Three of us went together and had a fantastic time! Thanks Ley for welcoming us into your home and giving us an experience we will never forget!

    Bethany Choules
  • 2 Workin Oz course is a fantastic way to get into the farming world and to complete your regional work for your working holiday visa. If you don’t have any farming experience you will learn so much about farming, machinery operation and gain the skills needed to get you started on a farm. Attending the course and getting into the 2WorkinOz network was the best decision I have made since arriving in Perth! Thanks to Ley I’m now working and getting my regional work completed.

    Matthew Bell
  • Great opportunity to work and save money. I had the opportunity to drive one of the world’s largest tractors. Met some great people and had fabulous experiences I would never get the opportunity to do in the UK. Ley found me work over seeding and harvest and I also worked for the Australian agricultural department. I enjoyed farming so much I went back to it in my second year and saved more money to fund travels. Also, if I had any problems at work Ley was very supportive and acted fast to sort the situation out. Ley is never far away to offer help and advice. I highly recommend 2workinoz! Thanks for the amazing opportunities!

    Laura Hugill