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Our vision is for employers to spend less time searching for seasonal staff and more time working with the right employees to develop the productivity for the business. We aim to reduce the inter-seasonal turnover of staff and provide you with an efficient, personalised staffing solution. All of our candidates are invited to our York based farm for a four-day training program on Australian Farming Practices. Our trainers are lifetime farmers who are highly experienced in all areas of farming and deliver training to the highest levels. During this time, we assess all of our trainees existing knowledge and skills whilst helping them to develop and practice new skills. While we work with experienced candidates in farming, quite a number of our trainees consist of backpackers and travelers who aim to complete their rural work for a second year Working Holiday visa. Based on your requirements, we will suggest a range of potential candidates for you. It is very important to us that we work closely with you to match a candidate, review work history/references and ensure the placement is successful. Complete our enquiry form below and we will respond to you with our fee scheduling and further information on how we can assist you.
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