2 Workin Oz is currently working hard towards staff security for Western Australian growers for the upcoming harvest season and beyond. Covid-19 travel restrictions will impact the number of skilled staff entering Australia and we are proactively seeking resolutions to this shortage.

We recently invited growers and contractors from across WA to participate in the ‘Harvest Staff Requirements Survey’. This simple survey was developed to deliver a snapshot of employment requirements in our Grain industry as we work with both the State and Federal Governments to ensure we have the experienced skilled staff required to complete hay and harvest this year in WA.

The survey was closed on Friday July 17th. 2 Workin Oz has since collated a report to present to industry bodies and state and federal government agencies regarding the skills shortage facing the grains industry in the immediate future.

Traditionally a large portion of our experienced skilled staff for harvest come from overseas countries, whether employed through an agency, gumtree or other means, and given the restrictions on travel as a result of Covd-19, we now face an immediate shortage for the coming season and potentially beyond. 2 Workin Oz is happy to discuss employment concerns with any employers facing a shortage in the upcoming season.

We would like to thank all of the growers, grower groups and the GGA, for your time and effort in completing and disseminating the survey. Your support and contribution has allowed us to progress our efforts to secure skilled staff availability for harvest and beyond.