2 Workin Oz works with a number of partners who provide support or services for our training and recruitment program. We seek out local and rural based businesses where possible, supporting small businesses like ourselves.

We would like to acknowledge the following businesses for their support and assistance in recent years.

Grain Producers Australia Training
GPA is working with 2 Workin Oz to provide valuable online safety units during our training program. These units are incorporated into all of the different training programs offered at 2 Workin Oz, to ensure trainees arrive in the workforce with sufficient safety knowledge and understanding.

York Sock Factory
Providing our wonderful induction pack work socks, the York Sock Factory custom brands our socks for us, for you to take home! Every participant through 2 Workin Oz’s doors receives a pack full of PPE equipment and information, helping them to be job ready. These socks are so popular we often receive requests from past trainees for more pairs!


Grains Industry Association of Western Australia
GIWA funded a scholarship program in 2020 to enable 2 Workin Oz to train and recruit 36 Western Australian’s into agricultural jobs during the height of the global pandemic. Majority of these trainees went on to work the harvest season successfully.