2 Workin Oz seek job opportunities for all levels of experience in Agriculture by working with you to identify your strengths, knowledge and existing skills, then personally promoting you to our large network of employers!

We offer a four-day training course for inexperienced workers to better prepare you for the industry and seek jobs that also comply with the second year Working Holiday visa to accumulate your 88 days of regional work.

For the experienced worker, we carry out interviews and provide placements based on your skills. There is also the opportunity to improve on skills you may not be currently using in farming.

We specialise in building networks across Australia and here at 2 Workin Oz we will provide you with an Induction to Farming and Skills Assessment allowing you to:

Earn whilst travelling
Work in a farming/rural environment
Broaden your network and opportunities
Gain experience in a new working environment
Simply complete our employee enquiry form and we will respond to you with our training course pricing as well as information on how we can further assist you.

Find out more about our training dates for 2021 here.

Want to know what to expect from training, where you will stay and what you will eat, visit here.

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