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Cattle Team Supervisor

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Job Overview

Job overview

This is a permanent full-time appointment, based in Tammin, Western Australia.

The Cattle Team Supervisor primarily oversees daily cattle operations working in conjunction with the administration team, feed team, and operations team. The position requires independent thinking, taking ownership and being confident and accountable for decisions made in the daily cattle operation.

This role has significant autonomy and should be viewed as a senior supervisory position within the business.


The Farm

This is a family owned and operated beef cattle grain feeding and grazing business.

The business facility has been upgraded and developed since its inception, having a current built capacity of approximately 7,000 cattle. The business owners also operate a small cropping enterprise, enabling them to produce commodities.


Details of interest around the Farm

There is a total of 32 pens in the main feedlot. All pens are constructed of steel and cable fencing with cattle rail gates. All pens have 3-metre-wide concrete feed aprons and are serviced by at least one large concrete water trough which are sewered away from pens for ease of cleaning. All pens have access to lanes which direct cattle to the induction and working yards.

Animal care is a top priority, whether the cattle are in the feedlot facility, in grazing paddocks or being transported to or from the facility. The induction and processing yards provide the perfect environment for stress free stock handling and enable the teams qualified cattle handlers to safely monitor and treat incoming cattle to ensure cattle health is always maintained.


Main job description

This role will be accountable for, among others, the following activities:

  • Assisting the Production Manager in planning and assigning tasks relating to the cattle team.
  • Conducting and coordinating daily cattle tasks, including processing, drafting, health checks, trucking and movements.
  • Upkeep of operating records and coordination of maintenance needs.
  • Ensuring that stated animal welfare outcomes are managed to a high level.
  • Reviewing and developing standard operating procedures relevant to the cattle operation.
  • Assisting the production manager in ensuring that all Quality Assurance Schemes relevant to cattle handling are in accordance with guidelines.
  • Maintaining safety procedures within the cattle operation. Ensuring these procedures are underpinned by relevant OHS guidelines.
  • Developing, implementing and managing internal audit procedures and corrective actions against group SOPs.
  • Developing and implementing a culture of Continuous Improvement in the cattle operations.
  • Reporting to the Production Manager or other parties as required, on these activities.
  • Attendance at the relevant management meetings. We understand that as you become familiar with the current status and future needs of the business, that your role will further develop.


Skills you need

As Cattle Team Supervisor you will be expected to

  • Provide leadership using proven leadership techniques.
  • Exhibit self-motivation and independent thinking.
  • Where applicable, introduce innovation and technology in cattle management. This is particularly relevant to data capture and analysis.
  • Provide the production manager with reports based on objective measurement.

There will be a significant amount of training and development required so that you are able to fulfill the below role to the best of your ability. The business is committed to providing you with this training, through onsite job-specific training, online industry training and suitable off-site training opportunities if they arise.

The business expects the training period to be 6 months and you will be guided by the current Production Managers and the Feedlot Manager in this process. A detailed Training plan will be developed to help guide you and the Feedlot Manager through this period.


What are your Rewards

Your starting salary will be negotiated depending on experience and qualification. This will be a salaried position, plus superannuation at statutory rates, paid fortnightly.

You are entitled to 20 days leave per annum and any other personal leave, carers leave compassionate leave and long service leave consistent with prevailing standards.

Your ordinary hours of work will be Monday – Friday 7.30am – 5.00pm, with a 30 minute break for smoko and a 30 minute break for lunch. You will also be required to work weekends as part of a weekend feeding roster. It should be noted that it is expected and likely that longer hours may be required from time to time as this is the nature of our industry.

This position will be covered by a formal Employment Agreement that sets out much of the above.

Accommodation may be supplied by the employer. Rent charges may be applied by the employer. The employee will be notified of any rent charges as part of the employment process.


In summary:

Location: Western Australia
Start Date: Immediate
Job: Cattle Team Supervisor
Wages: Salary. Dependent on experience
Hours: Full-time permanent
Accommodation: Available on farm
Manual Drivers licence:  Essential.
Fluent English required.

More Information

Only Jobseekers can apply for this job.