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About Us

2 Workin Oz is a unique employment agency, offering training solutions and recruitment services in farming, agriculture and rural places of work.

  • Established in 2011, 2 Workin Oz is a small family-owned business located in the heart of the Western Australian Wheatbelt.
  • We not only recruit people to jobs in agriculture, we also provide training on a working farm, to improve skills and capacity, before you get to the farm.
  • We are able to offer jobs directly to skilled and experienced farmers, and offer training for those with minimal agricultural skills.
  • We are the only agricultural training service providers in WA who offer the opportunity to drive large farm machinery. Our training covers many aspects of working on a farm to ensure you are prepared when you start your job.
  • We pride ourselves on our safety record. Our training and interview process focuses heavily on farm safety ensuring you know what conditions are acceptable at your place of work.
  • Our success rate of placing trainees is over 80%.
  • We train and recruit applicants from both overseas and all over Australia. We offer jobs for both short term, casual and permanent work through our extensive network of growers.
  • We know the clients! Not only do we background check our clients so we know where you are going, we make it a point to visit as many employing farms as possible so when we match you, we know we have the right fit.
  • We don’t only offer roles on farms. Not all trainees and skilled farmers end up on farms, we have a range of agribusiness’s that we provide staff for across a range of industries.