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Regional AU Pair Work

Best Fit For AU Pair Work

2 Workin Oz offer a personalised and simple service to find your best family fit for AU Pair Work. We place au pairs in regional farming communities across Western Australia, mostly offering seasonal positions during seeding and harvest.  

Being an Au Pair is an opportunity to experience regional Australia in a safe way, living within a family lifestyle, learning about another culture, whilst earning money. By doing housework and/or cooking and/or child minding, it is an excellent way to save money whilst not having to pay extra for accommodation or meals.  

We offer two different types of placements for au pair work at 2 Workin Oz

  1. Traditional au pair work of child minding and house assistance is the first type of position. These types of employment do not contribute to accruing days towards 2nd or 3rd WHV even if located on a rural property engaging in agriculture 
  2. The second type is a farming au pair who provides assistance with home duties as well as being called upon to complete farm work on the property. This type of employment contributes days to your qualification for a 2nd or 3rd WHV.  We are very conscious of making sure your job meets all requirements for your 2nd or 3rd WHV conditions. 

Our service includes:

  • Interviews with both you and your placement family to find the best match. 
  • The possibility of co-location with a partner if available and appropriate (this cannot be guaranteed as these types of positions are extremely limited). 
  • Live in au pair work opportunities due to rural locations. 
  • After your arrival with your hosting family, we’ll contact you to make sure you have settled in well. 
  • We will provide advice, assistance with any problems, and support throughout your time with your family and beyond if you decide to travel or work again we can assist. 

For more information on au pair work within Australia contact 2 Workin Oz today!

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