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Securing and retaining good quality people is always listed in the top three issues for farming businesses. 2 Workin Oz exists to reduce staff turnover and support farming businesses in any way we can, easing these pressures.

2 Workin Oz managed recruitment packages and services allow you tell us what you need. We then do the rest and provide you with potential employees that have been screened through our interview and/or training program.

Engage 2 Workin Oz For Recruitment

  • Prices upon application and based on recruitment skill level (payable upon successful recruitment)
  • 2 Workin Oz managed account
  • 2 Workin Oz managed advertising
  • 2 Workin Oz managed interview and selection process
  • Follow up advice, support and management as required

We offer self-managed online recruitment, where you create an account and job listing, then screen and interview your own candidates through your own private dashboard.
Click on the link below to get started.

Self Managed Recruitment

$220 $149 per job advertisement
  • Self Managed Account
  • 60-Day Advertising on Website
  • 4 Social Media Posts shared to network regularly attracting 30k plus views across multiple platforms within 30 day period
  • Resumes direct to your dashboard so you can track and prioritize applicants